About Us

Roman Anton brings you art, books, music, and related creations through this one-of-a-kind website. All the creations are originals made by Roman Anton.  The Roman Anton Team invites you to take a look at the many offerings inside.  Here’s what you’ll find:


Roman Anton has linked various forms and styles of artwork to his books and music.  The featured painting on the site is the trademarked and distinctive “3 Stripes” logo which is the physical and spiritual centerpiece to the novel Tierra del Fuego and the related music. The original Tierra del Fuego, oil on canvas, is 16” by 20”.  We are currently offering a limited number of archival quality reproduction, both framed and unframed.  The framing comes from a custom craftsman located in the legendary Klong Toey area of Bangkok, Thailand.

We also offer the artwork for the second and third launches, The Changer and The Last Clear Chance.  In addition to the canvas artwork, we have our own unique mounted and stitched reproduction and our posters.


Bracelets, hats, necklaces, ringtones, t-shirts, wraps and various other creations line the walls of the Roman Anton archives.

Please also visit www.kingphin.com to see our custom made traditional Thai phin guitars.


Roman Anton music focuses on a three-piece band, live and studio-live recordings and videos.  Each Roman Anton song you hear has sheet music containing lyrics and full measure vocals, guitar, bass, drum, piano and harmony notation, along with conventional guitar chords illustration. All songs come in mp3 format and have a live video recording.  The coming months will roll out new videos and music. The website features live footage of the band from various venues in Bangkok, Thailand.   We currently have all three of the first launches, Tierra Del Fuego, The Changer and The Last Clear Chance, available on mp3.  We also offer our truly unique “Karaoke” mp3 version of the each album, which accompanies the sheet music and is excellent to jam with.


Roman Anton has written novels, short stories, and poetry all inter-related to art, music, and products. The centerpiece is Tierra del Fuego, Book II, a novel in fourteen Chapters.  It’s a modern version of the classic road trip infused with original music and well-known classics to help drive you to your destination.  We have the illustrated novella, The Changer, coming out soon and the full-length feature novel, The Last Clear Chance, coming out later in 2024.