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The humble city of Miyazaki lies on the southeast coast of Japan, and that is where the story of Shogo, Roman Anton’s affable drummer, began. 

In his early life, Shogo was inspired by the music he heard in the games he played - particularly one instrument. In fact, Shogo would sit at home miming playing the piano to the breathtaking scores he heard.

“Listening to the piano was wonderful for me. I dreamed of playing the piano, and composing music for games, but when I was a kid, there was no space for a piano in our home.”

“Instead, my parents encouraged me to play the guitar, and discouraged me from the piano.”

Thus, Shogo’s first instrument was a 6,000 THB guitar, which he saved up for doing his daily paper round, rising at 4am each morning. 

An unlikely hero in the story of the young Shogo was Doraemon. Indeed, the worldwide Japanese manga phenomenon may not be a musical icon, but Shogo derived his thirst for adventure from this popular series.

“I loved Doraemon because that represented freedom for me. The ability to travel anywhere, anytime. To go where you want to go.”

This young boy’s dream of travel would become a reality, and with him, music would always follow. 

Motivated by the Japanese rock bands he would listen to on the radio, Shogo fixated on his goal - to become a musician. 

Yet, Shogo’s appetite for music would never be satisfied in the sleepy city of Miyazaki. His home city gave him the formative experiences and sparked the fires necessary to continue on his musical journey beyond Miyazaki. 

“Miyazaki was a quiet place with one music venue, and only local bands played there.”

“I played the snare drum, symbols and gongs in the local symphony orchestra, and performed in my first high school concert - finishing number 2 in a competition.”

“After that, my Dad bought me my first drum kit.”

Following this, a defining moment in Shogo’s Miyazaki days was realized with the formation of his first original band.

Shogo joined a local three-piece grunge band called Flare, who would achieve number 1 status in a battle-of-the-bands competition, during the annual Miyazaki Music Festival. 

“I could not believe it! Wow! We did it. All with our own, original music.”

This victory was a pivotal moment, which imbued Shogo with the confidence to pursue his musical ambition. Thus, Shogo moved to Fukuoka Japan, where he studied Professional Drums at Fukuoka Music College. 

In Fukuoka, he gained the opportunity to learn various styles of playing the drums - pop, r&b, jazz. 

Crucially, it was here that Shogo got a chance to soak up the wisdom of a few iconic musicians. Notably, Van Halen's Dave Lee Roth and Mr Big’s Pat Torpey.

“Pat Torpey was a powerful, emotional man, and affected me a lot. His drum style became my drum style.”

Galvanized, Shogo formed a new original band called ‘The Bright Bell Ringer’ and this band toured all over the south of Japan. In a whirlwind 6-year love affair, The Bright Bell Ringer made two full albums, one mini album, and a DVD music video.

“Tokyo was the biggest city, with the biggest crowds I had ever played in front of, but it gave me no special feeling to perform at these events, because it was just work. I was a support musician.”

The lack of connection he felt in Tokyo would lead to his inevitable departure, as he searched for a place he could feel energized by music again. 

Shogo needed to reconnect with his musical soul, and a good friend would help him achieve that.

Shogo’s friend “KEN” - the lead vocalist of his former band The Bright Bell Ringer - urged him to leave the Tokyo haze and come to visit him in Thailand. 

This led Shogo into the intoxicating bosom of Bangkok, where he would not only find a new band, but discover opportunities to work and make exciting new music. 

Now, Shogo thrives in Bangkok as a music teacher, and feels compelled to continue this journey and expand his range of students. 

With Roman Anton, he revels in the creation of original music, touring with the band to festivals like Jai Thep in Chiang Mai, which he identifies as a recent highlight in his life. Since then, Shogo and the band have twice returned to Japan to play two separate tours at over ten locations in Tokyo, Kawasaki, Nagoya and beyond.  The names of the tours were “Go Where U Want 2” and “Go Where U Want to II.”

Indeed, his story appears to have come full circle, as the dreams of his childhood - to compose music on the piano - are back on track. He practices the piano every day now. 

Shogo’s musical fires are burning brightly once more, and he quietly harbors great ambition in the country he has learned to love.

“My next challenge is to make a musical collaboration between Roman Anton and some local Thai bands.” 

“This year, my focus is learning the piano. Next year, I would like to help curate a small art festival, with live paintings during musical performances. This is my vision.”

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