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Roman Anton Podcast


Roman Anton has launched the Roman Anton Podcast. In the Podcast Roman interviews guests, has live performances and visits some of Bangkok and Thailand’s most interesting locations. Here’s a preview.

Roman Anton Podcast #1


To Be Released Later – Stay Tuned, we will be releasing the podcast soon.

Roman Anton Podcast #2


Max is the owner and manager of Live Lounge, located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand on Sukhumvit Soi 13. He is also a writer, poet and boxer. Max will feature his poem “My Name is Max.” Max, Roman and the crew will make their way to the Live Lounge.

Roman Anton Podcast #3


Khun Kan is the owner of Dynamic Recording Studio, located in the Thonglor section of Bangkok. Dynamic Recording Studio has hosted some of the world’s most famous musicians. In this Podcast you’ll hear about Kan’s worldwide journeys before settling into his studio recording and studio building enterprise, and you will watch Kan mixing a Roman Anton song for his performance piece. Kan, Roman and the film crew gather at Dynamic Studios to learn about studio design, construction and reco.

Roman Anton Podcast #4


Frank is a member of the Roman Anton Band. Frank plays all instruments within the band and sings lead and back up. Get the first facts on Frank in his interview with Roman, on the 5th anniversary of their playing together. Frank will perform his song “Milquetoast” which will be released on an upcoming Roman Anton Launch. Frank, Roman and the crew will also travel to the Suang Luang District, in northeast Bangkok to Frank’s favorite restaurant called Chebien, where they will go down memory lane talking about Frank’s arrival in Bangkok in 2010.

Roman Anton Podcast #5


Ike is the President and CEO of Top Flight Bangkok, the premier basketball school in Thailand. Ike is also a former NCCA Division 1 National Basketball Champion with the UCLA Bruins. After their interview, Ike and Roman visit the Klong San Saeb, a canal running through the center of Bangkok complete with water taxis. Then Ike will demonstrate his famous basketball post up series at the Chulalongkorn Basketball courts, during a live training session of his Top Flight Bangkok Academy.

Roman Anton Podcast #6


Will Corbin is a musician. Roman and Will discuss Will’s various musical endeavors, including his Spotify releases with the band Lips Manly. Will sings a solo version of Lips Manly song called Gravy Train, accompanying himself on Ukulele. Roman, Will and the crew head to Thanon Rama IV, a road that runs through the heart of Bangkok, to eat and drink at Will’s favorite noodle shop called Yod Phad Thai.

Roman Anton Podcast #7


Matthew Fischer is a fromager, musician and restaurant owner, among other things. Roman and Matthew discuss growing up in Wisconsin (USA) and move on to topics like living and working in Bangkok, Thailand.  In the Roman Anton Podcast Studio, Matthew plays a series of songs (some from his Radio Sound release on Spotify) and then the crew head to Matthew’s very own Fatty’s Bar & Diner in the Din Daeng area of Bangkok to try some of Matthew’s original Wisconsin food creations and other delicacies.

Roman Anton Podcast #8


Charlie McSkallywag is a singer/songwriter, who also plays the guitar and harmonica at most venues around Bangkok. Charlie plays several songs in the Roman Anton Podcast studio. The crew hits the road with Charlie to walk the “Green Mile” in the heart of central Bangkok, where they stop to talk on the elevated biking, jogging, walking, path that connects the Lumphini and Benjakitti parks.

Roman Anton Podcast #9


Roman Anton plays in a band with two other musicians, Frankeins Ville Jangad and Shogo Oyama. In this podcast Roman interviews Frank and Shogo as they talk about and play some songs, including Tierra del Fuego, The Changer, When the Lights Go Down, Backdoor, The Farang Song and Bodhi Tree, all songs in the Roman Anton catalogue. This is Jirath “Rath” Apiwachnithik’s first podcast behind the cameras. The crew hit the road and headed to the banks of Chao Praya River to one of their favorites restaurants called Sala Arun, at the end of Tha Tian Alley, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang District, right near Wat Pho and across the river from Wat Arun, two of Thailand’s most revered and respected temples.

Roman Anton Podcast #10


Duncan Allan is a musician, songwriter and actor living in Bangkok. Duncan performs his songGaslightin the Roman Anton Podcast studio and then the crew and Duncan head to Jam Café in theYannawasection of Bangkok for more discussion and some footage of a late night performance.

Roman Anton Podcast #11


Shogo Oyama is a musician and music instructor. Shogo has played and toured throughout Japan and will play his co-written song “Go Where U Want 2” with the Roman Anton Band. The crew hit the road and go to the Thai restaurant “Thon Koon” on Sukhumvit Soi 22 to eat hot pot, in Thai, calledChim Chumจิ้มจุ่ม

Roman Anton Podcast #12


Andrew Davis is a man of many talents and visited the Roman Anton Podcast andKingPhin Studios to talk about several of his recent creations includingTunethulhu, his hand-built synthesizer. After performing onTunethulhu, Andrew and the crew head toDet 5for food and drinks and to hang out on Sukhumvit Soi 8.

Roman Anton Podcast #13


Andre Sainte Claire guest hosts this Roman Anton Podcast and speaks with Roman about art, music, writing and more. Roman and Frank play a band original and then the crew heads to Silaruek Park and sits in the shadow of the Bhumibol 2 Bridge by the Phra Pradaeng Crossing on the Chao Phraya River.

Roman Anton Podcast #14


Darin Murphy is an actor and musician based out of Austin, Texas and is the first Roman Anton Podcast guest to record remotely. Darin and Roman cover topics fromLennon, the musical, theFab Forgeriesand the White Album tour toDarin’s Solitarium and Haunted Guardianscollection of songs. They also discuss Darin’s starring role in the feature film,Empty Nester’s Handbook. Darin also plays several songs including his previously unreleasedThe Boneyard. To close out the show Roman tries and fails to take Darin on an online night time tour of the Asoke/Klong Toey area of Bangkok.

Roman Anton Podcast #15


Adam Jang leads his bandYetifor which he writes and plays his rock and roll originals. In this Roman Anton Podcast Adam talks about his musical evolution from Vancouver, Canada to his playing in Europe and throughout Asia. Adam plays his new song “Purgatory” and an acoustic version of his classic, “Crazy for Your Love.” Roman and Adam hit the streets of Bangkok in the neighborhood of Klong Toey. They stop and talk above the intersection of Ratchdapisek and Sukhumvit Streets at the subway stop called Asoke.

Roman Anton Podcast #16


Bill Hutton has taught golf in Thailand for almost 30 years. In this Roman Anton Podcast Pro Bill talks about learning to play par golf in the United States and then moving to Thailand where he seen the golf world evolve. He even offers an overview of some of his favorite Thai golf courses. Roman and Pro Bill hit the driving range to try and fix Roman’s chipping technique.

Roman Anton Podcast #17


Chef Yakup joins the Podcast and discusses his life and career in the culinary arts. From his early love of cooking, to his travels to the US and back, Chef Yakup welcomes the Roman Anton crew to his kitchen and his restaurant The Fat Lamb. Deep dish pizza, “wagyu” lamb and more are on the menu and the table as this Thai Iron Chef winner put his skills on display.

Roman Anton Podcast #18

SUPERGIRL - ANNA JAROONSAK 🇹🇭 ( แอนนา จันทาศรี )

Nong Anna “Supergirl” Janthasari joins the Roman Anton Podcast this week. Supergirl is a professional Muay Thai fighter and works out of her family training center, Jaroonsak Muay Thai, here in Bangkok Thailand. She started training at a young age and has worked her way into professional fights throughout Asia and in the One Super Series. Along with her father, trainer, coach and mentor, Khun Jaroonsak, we interview Supergirl and then get a display of her fighting abilities in a sparring session.

Roman Anton Podcast #19


Christine Blom joins the Roman Anton podcast this week. She tells Roman and the crew about her “Vies des Nomades” podcast and talks about her art and travel. Roman Anton and the crew go to her studio and then go to theTalat Noipart of Bangkok where they look at the outdoor art and visit "Patina".

Roman Anton Podcast #20


Nigel Oakins has lived in Asia for years running and managing some of the region's most successful publications, including his new magazine Koktail. In this Roman Anton podcast Nigel shares his experiences in publishing, living and golfing in Asia. Roman, Nigel and the crew hit the road to Nigel’s very own Vogue Café in the Ratchaprasong area of Bangkok, right in the heart of all the action.