Roman Anton Podcast #21


Chris King visits the studio for this Roman Anton Podcast. Australian born, Chris has spent a lifetime engaged in developing his ideas and thoughts on sustainability and now teaches and advises through his own Evolve Company Limited, throughout Asia South and around the world. Chris is also a world-class photographer and videographer and his collection also spans the globe. In this podcast Chris and Roman exchange ideas and, after Chris walks through some of his photo portfolio, they eventually end up Central Bangkok’s fascinating new Benjakitti Wetland Park, which sits on the old Tobacco Authority Land with and entrance on Ratchadaphisek Road.

Roman Anton Podcast #22


The Roman Anton Podcast welcomes Deron Wagner to the studio. Deron is the Founder ofMorpheus Trading Group, where he currently focuses on swing trading cryptocurrencies and stocks. Deron is also an accomplished speaker and author on stock and crypto topics, with several novels and countless appearances on talk shows and elsewhere. Roman and Deron go through Deron’s evolution from early times in day trading to his current work in crypto. In the Podcast, Deron provides an overview of cryptocurrencies recent movement in the markets and demonstrates his considerable analytical abilities. Roman, Deron and the team then hit the road to visit the Sao Chingcha, or the Giant Swing in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok.

Roman Anton Podcast #23


The Roman Anton Podcast welcomes Tom Crowley to the podcast studio. Tom is a billiard aficionado, a war veteran, a former company senior executive and a writer. In his visit, Tom discusses his recent release “Mercy’s Heroes”, a compelling overview of his time at the Mercy Centre in central Bangkok and of his memories of life during wartime. Tom also discusses his many other written works including his thrilling Matt Chance trilogy and his gripping biography “Shrapnel Wounds.” In the podcast studio, Tom reads a heartbreaking passage on the loss of a friend. The Roman Anton team and Tom and his wife then head to the Mercy Centre, where they look at the grounds and attend a memorial service for one of Tom’s fallen volunteer comrades. Tom is that rare breed of person that has well-served his country, the communities in which he lives and the literary community in which he occupies a well deserved position. 

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Roman Anton Podcast #24


The Roman Anton Podcast welcomes Rory Breaker-Morant to the studio. Rory creates and performs in many different spaces and places in Bangkok, and his skills are seen in music, song, spoken word, poetry, DJ’ing, dance and performance art. In this podcast Rory discusses his path to the stage and let’s us see his evolving thought process around the convergence of his artistry. In the second part of the podcast, Rory delivers his work “Bad, Sad and Mad.” Next, Roman, Rory and the crew hit the road to the legendary Klong Toey wet market, where they walk through the crowded and narrows paths of around the market stalls.

Roman Anton Podcast #25


Roger DeNoon was an original member of the Roman Anton Band in Bangkok. Roger played drums, guitars and vocals on many of the songs recorded by the band from 2016 to 2019. Roger talks about his early days in the States, in Illinois, California and Texas and then about hitting the road. Roger and Frank play a song from the first time the three original band members sat down together to play. The trio then film a session at Queen Bee, the location where they first had a live show together.

Roman Anton Podcast #26


In this Roman Anton Podcast the team has consolidated footage from the first 25 podcasts into one “Greatest Hits” Podcast. We will introduce all the performances from our guests so you can easily listen to them all in one place.


Podcast #1 – COMING SOON

Podcast #2 – Max Rapkin – Instagrammaxirap100

Podcast #3 – Rungkan “Kan Tatiyasuk – Mixing the song “KingPhin I” --Website:

Podcast #4 – Frankeins Ville Jangad – Performing the song “Milquetoast” – Instagram:kingjangad - Facebook:King Jangad

Podcast #5 – Ikenna Nwankwo – Demonstrating his basketball “post-up” series – – Facebook:TopFlightBangkok

Podcast #6 – Will Corbin – Performing the song “Gravy Train” – FaceBookReal Lips Manly

Podcast #7 – Matthew Fisher – Performing the song formerly known as “Beautiful Day” – Instagram:fisher314 -- Facebook:Fatty’s Bar & Diner 

Podcast #8 – Charlie McSkallywag – Performing the song “Mister Stubbs” – Facebook:Charlie McSkallywag

Podcast #9 – Roman Anton Band – Performing the song “When the Lights Go Down” –; Facebook: Roman Anton – Instagram:RomanAntonThai – Twitter: RomanAntonThai

Podcast #10 – Duncan Allan – Performing the song “Gaslight” – Instagram:duncan94allan -- Facebook:Duncan A. Allan

Podcast #11 – Shogo Oyoma -- Performing the song “Go Where U Want 2” – InstagramShogo_Emotional_Drum --Facebook:Shogo Oyama

Podcast #12 – Andrew Davis -- Demonstrating his homebuilt synthesizer “Tunethulhu”

Podcast #13 -- Roman Anton – Performing the song “Through Her, With Her, In Her” - Website:www.romananton.comwww.KingPhin.comFacebookRoman Anton – Instagram:RomanAntonThai – Twitter: RomanAntonThai

Podcast #14 – Darin Murphy – Performing the song “Boneyard” – Instragram:darinmuprhy6 --- Facebook:Darin Murphy

Podcast #15 – Adam Jang – Performing the song “Pugatory” – – Instagram: Yeti Valhalla – Facebook:Yeti

Podcast #16 – Bill Hutton – Giving a short golf lesson on chipping

Podcast #17 – Chef Yakup – Making Chicago Style Deep Dish at his restaurant the Fat Lamb – -- Instagram:FatLambBKK – Facebook: Fat Lamb BKK

Podcast #18 – Anna Supergirl Janthasri and Jaroonsak Janthasri -- Practicing Muay Thai – – Instagram:Supergirl Jaroonsak Gym

Podcast #19 – Christine Blom – Showing some of her pottery –

Apple Podcast:Vies de Nomade, Christine Blom

Podcast #20 – Nigel Oakins – Reading from his entry called “A Note from an Old Man Who Sits at the Bar” in “Koktail” magazine –

Podcast #21 – Chris King -- Gives a presentation of Chris King photos -- &

Podcast #22 – Deron Wagner -- Provides an overview on cryptocurrency trading –

Podcast #23 – Tom Crowley -- Reading from his book “Mercy’s Heroes” –

Podcast #24 – Rory Breaker Morant – Performing his work “Bad, Sad and Mad” – – Instragram:Rory Breaker-Morant – Facebook:Rory Breaker-Morant - Artist

Podcast #25 – Roger DeNoon – Playing the song “More Than Words” --Instagramdenoonster -- Facebook:Roger DeNoon

Roman Anton Podcast #27


In this Roman Anton Podcast the team has consolidated footage from the first 25 podcasts into one “Greatest Places” Podcast, similar to last week’s “Greatest Hits” Podcast. This time we will introduce all the places we have visited with our guests so you can easily see them all in one place.


Podcast #1 – COMING SOON

Podcast #2 – Max Rapkin – Live Lounge 

Podcast #3 – Rungkan “Kan Tatiyasuk – Dynamic Studios 

Podcast #4 – Frankeins Ville Jangad – Chebien (in Suang Kuang District) 

Podcast #5 – Ikenna Nwankwo – Chulalongkorn Basketball courts and Klong San Saeb

Podcast #6 – Will Corbin – Yod Pad Thai, Rama 4 and Suk Soi 24

Podcast #7 – Matthew Fisher – Fatty’s Bar & Diner, Din Daeng Area of BKK

Podcast #8 – Charlie McSkallywag – Benjakitti/Lumpuni Park, Green Mile

Podcast #9 – Roman Anton Band – at Sala Arun or Sala Ratanokosin, Tha Tian Alley

Podcast #10 – Duncan Allan – Jam Café, Yannawa section of Bangkok

Podcast #11 – Shogo Oyoma -- “Thon Koon” on Soi 22

Podcast #12 – Andrew Davis, Det 5, Sukhumvit Soi 8

Podcast #13 -- Roman Anton – Phra Pradeng Ferry Crossing under the Bhumipol Bridge

Podcast #14 – Darin Murphy – Klong Toey Skyline from Rembrandt Hotel

Podcast #15 – Adam Jang – Ratchadapisek and Asoke Intersection from above

Podcast #16 – Bill Hutton – Golf Lesson, Driving RangePodcast

#17 – Chef Yakup – Fat Lamb in Suan Luang

Podcast #18 – Anna Supergirl Janthasri and Jaroonsak Janthasri - Jaroonsak Muay Thai, PhasiCharoen/Chom Thong

Podcast #19 – Christine Blom -- Talat Noi part of town and Patina

Podcast #20 – Nigel Oakins - Vogue Café, Erawan Mall, Ratchadamri, Ratchaprasong, Chidlom

Podcast #21 – Chris King-- Benjakitti Wetland Park, entrance on Ratchadapisek Road

Podcast #22 – Deron Wagner -- Giant Swing or Sao Chingcha, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

Podcast #23 – Tom Crowley -- Mercy Centre, Klong Toey, Bangkok

Podcast #24 – Rory Breaker Morant -- Klong Toey Wet Market

Podcast #25 – Roger DeNoon -- Queen Bee, Sukhumvit Soi 26, Phrom Pong

Roman Anton Podcast #28


The Roman Anton Podcast welcomes singer, songwriter MK Tutay to the studio. In this session Romanand MK her growing up in resorts communities in Thailand and then going to the home country of herpartners in the Philippines for schooling. MK began her singing career at a very young age and haslogged thousands of hours of singing time throughout Thailand and the Philippines. Frank and MK playher song “Make You Feel”. MK and the crew then head to Lola’s Kitchen at 891 Sukhumvit Road bySukhumvit 49, near the Philippine Embassy, to eat some Philippine food.

Roman Anton Podcast #29


The Roman Anton Podcast welcomes singer, songwriter Fabão Funker to the studio. In this session Roman and Fabão discuss Fabão’s growing up in Brazil and learning to play a wide range of musical styles. Fabão talks about his early days on the guitar, percussion and singing. They both then discuss his exodus to China and then to Bangkok, where Fabão has perfected his “one man band” show where he plays solo on guitar, bass, percussion and back-up instrumentation, often times all at once. Fabão then plays his three songs: 1) “Stop Being Ordinary” or “Deixe de Ser Mixa” 2) “Together with You” or “Junto a Ti”and, 3) “The Moon in Kathmandu” or “A Lua em Kathmandu.” Fabão and the crew head to his Yannawa, Bangkok neighborhood area to eat barbeque at the Red Lantern BBQ or หม๋าล่าโคมแดง ( and talk, eat and watch the world pass by.

Roman Anton Podcast #30


The Roman Anton Podcast welcomes artist, storyteller, animator and musician Swordfish to the studio. In this session Roman and Swordfish discuss his quickly growing body of work including Swordfish’s spoken word poetry, visual narratives and animation. They delve into a discussion on pareidolia, when the brain makes connections between unrelated visual stimulus and forms unique imagery. Swordfish performs one of his stories ‘Goat’s Milk’. Swordfish and the crew then head off to the Brownstone Studio in On Nut, Bangkok.

Roman Anton Podcast #31


The Roman Anton Podcast welcomes to the the studio the multi-talented performer Pableroy. The two discuss Pableroy’s Latino and South Florida roots and his odyssey to Bangkok, where he has assumed stewardship of “Lyrical Lunacy”, the mobile venue for spoken word poetry. Pableroy also discusses his growing collaboration with the super group Wasabi Bytes and then performs their single “Million Dollar Lesson” from their album “Tales of the City.” Pableroy and the crew head to Klong San Saeb. This is the second Roman Anton Podcast with footage from San Saeb, but this time it’s near the Thong Lor overpass, where they sit at the tranquil patio of the Kratang Tieng coffee shop (กระทั่งเที่ยง โภชนา-กาแฟ).

Roman Anton Podcast #32


Roman Anton welcomes explorer, martial artist, traveler, film maker and author Andrew Benfield to the podcast. Roman and Andrew discuss “The Wrong Way Around” an epic story about a ride and life journey from Delhi to Yangon on a used Royal Enfield motorcycle and then move on to discuss Andrew’s epic BBC series called “Yeti”. Andrew reads from his book and then Roman and Frank head off to Benjasiri Park on Sukhumvit.

Roman Anton Podcast #33


Roman Anton welcomes Itzco Calva to the podcast. Roman and Itzco discuss the success of Itzco’s Bangkok based restaurant, The Missing Burro. The two also discuss Itzco’s journey from the Mexico City to Thailand. The team and Itzco then travel to the Thonglor area of Bangkok to visit the Missing Burro and sample some offerings, including a wide variety of mezcal and tequila.

Roman Anton Podcast #34


We welcomed back our friend Ikenna Nwankwo to the Roman Anton Podcast Studio to get an update since his last visit in Podcast 5. Ike and Roman talk about life during the pandemic and Ike’s decision to pursue an outstanding goal. The two discuss Ike’s decision to go to Harvard Law School.

Roman Anton Podcast #35


Duncan Forgan is a travel writer and musician who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Roman and Duncan meet in the Podcast Studio to discuss Duncan’s significant trips and also to listen to tracks from his Soundcloud. Duncan reads from an article on Northern soul music in Kobe, Japan: a recent, memorable story. Afterwards, Duncan, Roman and the team head to the excellent Jack's Bar to watch the river life float by over a few beers.

Roman Anton Podcast #36


Sketchman Boris is the co-founder of BKK Unzine and an artist and creator in his own right. He visited the Roman Anton Podcast and discussed his childhood and his eventual move to Bangkok where he discovered a community of artists, performers and creators. Over three years ago BKK Unzine released on-line Issue 1 and during this time has produced over 40 Issues of increasing sophistication and breadth. Sketchman Boris was kind enough to sketch Roman and Frank sitting at the podcast table. They all left for the Bangkok art gallery P Space where the Conflicts exhibition was on display, including an entry from the Sketchman himself.

Roman Anton Podcast #37


John Lindsay is a singer, songwriter, performer currently based in Bangkok. He visited the Roman Anton Podcast and discussed his childhood and his eventual move to Bangkok where he discovered a community of artists, performers and venues. John played his recent album release and title track, A Familiar Rush. He then played new unreleased material, We Could be Laughing and Push Me Higher. John then took to crew to a favorite performance venue of his named The House of Tri, located in Bangok’s Ekkamai area off Sukhumvit Soi 65.

Roman Anton Podcast #38


William Henning is a writer, author, journalist reporter living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. William stopped by the Roman Anton Podcast to discuss his novel Paradise High. He also read an excerpt from the novel and then the team joined Wiliam at The Mexicano for an outdoor evening dinner by the pool, comfortably nestled on a massive sky deck at the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites on Sukhumvit Soi 18 in the heart of Bangkok.

Roman Anton Podcast #39


Wasan “Jonathan” Sittisa, the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist for the band Young Wolf, joined Roman at the Roman Anton Podcast Studio. Roman and Jonathan discuss the band’s signing to a label and their rapid rise in Thailand. Jonathan sings and plays a song and, short on time, Jonathan and the Roman walk up the block to the Em Sphere, Bangkok’s new super mall, where the two tried to speak as Jonathan’s fans slowly circled.

Roman Anton Podcast #40


Adam Jang, also know as Yeti Valhalla, makes a return to the Roman Anton Podcast Studio to update Roman and the team on his activity since they first did a podcast, which includes his touring in 2023, his record release in 2024 and his signing to a new label. Roman and Yeti listen to the news songs on the album/CD and hear the studio version of Purgatory, the song Yeti played solo acoustic on his last trip to the studio in Podcast #15.